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All you need to know about Facebook Images

The constant changes in Facebook’s algorithms means that different types of posts fair better with differing audiences and whilst you should always check your insights to see what works best for YOUR fans it is an almost universal truth that images fair best and have the most chance of achieving the elusive title of having gone “viral”. This post will give you the low-down on Facebook images for your fitness business; from where you can create them, where they go and what size they should be.

3 Things FitPros Should NEVER Do On Twitter

Twitter is without a doubt a great way to promote your fitness business and I often talk about Twitter and what you should be doing but today I’m going to explain some things that FitPros shouldn’t do. They are not just for FitPros though, as the following actions are disliked almost unanimously on Twitter and may cost any business follows.

Top 3 Tips to Save FitPros Time on Social Media

If you’re like the other fitpros or health & wellness professionals I work with, you will be starting early or finishing late, or sometimes both. You work full time in your fitness business so just when do you get time to carry out the ancillary tasks, such as social media, which help build your business? Do you constantly find yourself on Twitter or Facebook, staring at the screening and think to yourself, “I really don’t have time for this!”?