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Improve SEO on Your Health & Fitness Website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t as hard as you think … To improve SEO on your health and fitness website (or any other website), just ask yourself, “What would my ideal client google?” Then explore how many times that phrase (or related phrases) appear on your website. These are your KEYWORDS! You know, WORDS that are KEY to your success ….

[How to] Fix Displayed Images on Facebook

Posting videos of you in action in your fitness business is a great way to get people to engage. Have you ever posted a link to your Facebook fitness business page and not had the correct image appear in the link preview? Quite often I have linked to one of my blog posts and an image has appeared that I wasn’t expecting. For example, it may pull in the image from the side bar and NOT the (featured) image from within the post. Thankfully, I use WordPress so can be assured that nine times out of ten when I post the link to my blog post to Facebook it will show the image I have set a “featured image” within the post. But what if it doesn’t?

[How to] Block Facebook Game App Requests

Facebook is a fabulous tool for fitness professionals to use in order to contact, connect and garner clients. And playing video games can be good for your health. But are you sick of getting requests for Facebook games which you don’t play and/or are distracting? Learn how to turn them off (and stop whining about them) in this short video so you can then concentrate on running your health and fitness business.