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From PARQ to Payment: How to Automate your Sales Process

So, my life is ALL about making your life as a health and fitness professional, easier. And I love to use technology to do this. Simply put, you need to get people from PARQ to payment easily. That is, getting them to register their interest in your program, sending them the PARQ (Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire), giving them the all clear and then getting payment from them. The good news is, we can practically automate this!

6 Key Steps to Growing Your Online Fitness Business

If you’re not online these days, you’re seriously missing out. Getting your fitness business online doesn’t simply mean having a website, although that is a major part of an online business – it also means being present on social media and having a blog. There is also another great way to GROW your business online and improving your online presence overall – email marketing.

How Much of a Fitness “Professional” are you?

So you’ve bought your domain name for your health & fitness business, set up a website, got your business cards printed and are handing them out at every given opportunity. All very professional. There’s just one problem. You see there, just there, in your contact details, have a look. What does your email address say, or more importantly, what does it say about you and your fitness business??

Do you really need an autoresponder?

Autoresponders – do you really need one? What is an autoresponder? Firstly let’s look at what an autoresponder is. Most email service providers (ESPs) offer an autoresponder function although their definitions can vary: