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Where to find Inspiration for your FitPro Blog

Everyone extols the benefits of blogging and most fitness business owners know they should blog, but it is a time-consuming and often banal task IF you don’t know where to start. The questions I often get asked by health and fitness professionals: What should I write about on my fitness blog? What sort of topics will my readers be interested in? Why should I blog?

8 Places to Share Your Health & Fitness Blog

Writing and publishing a blog post is just the beginning. Now you need to get it in front of your audience (and improve SEO). And when it comes to readership – the bigger the better! If you share your blog on the following platforms, you’ll get a wider reach across the web and in front of more people than if you just stuck to one platform. 8 Places to Share your Blog Posts

The 10 Benefits of Blogging for FitPros

There are over 160,000,000 blogs online at this moment in time. That is 160 MILLION blogs vying for attention in the great web of the t’internet! So why aren’t you blogging in your fitness business? Too busy? Is that enough of an excuse? Given the benefits of blogging, no, it’s not. So what are the benefits of blogging for fitness professionals? Here’s my top ten: