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Great Articles from Facebook 2017

  As per usual, I’ve saved a TON of links on Facebook this month. So here are the ones I think you’ll find most useful. From looking after your health to looking after the SEO of your website, I think there’s quite a few topics covered here. Enjoy and all the best for 2018!

Improve SEO on Your Health & Fitness Website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t as hard as you think … To improve SEO on your health and fitness website (or any other website), just ask yourself, “What would my ideal client google?” Then explore how many times that phrase (or related phrases) appear on your website. These are your KEYWORDS! You know, WORDS that are KEY to your success ….

What I’ve been Saving this Month

If you’re anything like me you’ll “save” huge amounts of links/videos etc on Facebook to watch or read at a later date. Sometimes I never get around to reading them. But now, I’m making an effort to use Wednesdays (my day off) to catch up. I’ll share the useful pieces with you.

6 Key Steps to Growing Your Online Fitness Business

If you’re not online these days, you’re seriously missing out. Getting your fitness business online doesn’t simply mean having a website, although that is a major part of an online business – it also means being present on social media and having a blog. There is also another great way to GROW your business online and improving your online presence overall – email marketing.

[How to] Fix Displayed Images on Facebook

Posting videos of you in action in your fitness business is a great way to get people to engage. Have you ever posted a link to your Facebook fitness business page and not had the correct image appear in the link preview? Quite often I have linked to one of my blog posts and an image has appeared that I wasn’t expecting. For example, it may pull in the image from the side bar and NOT the (featured) image from within the post. Thankfully, I use WordPress so can be assured that nine times out of ten when I post the link to my blog post to Facebook it will show the image I have set a “featured image” within the post. But what if it doesn’t?