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Using Facebook as Your Business Page – Changes

Using Facebook as your Business page is a great way to raise your online profile.

Remember the good old days when you could just click on the top right-hand menu and select “use FB as your page”?

Well, those days are gone! But, fear not, you can still use Facebook as your page.

Ways to use Facebook as your page

How to comment as your business Page

Facebook attributions stillYou can still use FB as your page using the much simpler “comment attribute” button next to all page (and public) posts. Simply click on the image and choose who you want to comment and like as on that particular post. You can change it, and comment/like as different accounts as often as you like.


How do you share onto your business Page’s Timeline/Newsfeed?

Found an interesting post or article and want to share with your fans on your business page?

Again this is quite simple.

Click on share underneath a page’s post (or public personal post) and you’ll be present with 3 options:

  1. Share Now (will be posted to your personal timeline according to your latest security settings)
  2. Share … (you get to choose where and as who you want to share, just select your business page)
  3. Send as message …

So by selecting the 2nd option you can tell Facebook where you want to post the message (ie your Facebook fan page) and who you want to post as (usually as the page itself but you could post as another page you own onto another page you own, if you know what I mean)

use facebook as your page - sharing


How to like pages as your Facebook business page

This is an easy one. See the “three dots and more” button just under your cover image on your Facebook Page? Click on it and choose the “like as my page”.

-3  FitBiz PA

But where have all the pages I liked AS my page gone?

Once upon a time we could use FB as our page and click on home and see a feed of all the pages we had liked as our page. That function is no longer available BUT they are still there – it’s just FB has decided to hide them in a link on the righthand side of your page. So to find your page’s home feed and see posts from pages you have liked AS your page, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your page
  2. Look at righthand side
  3. Click on link “seeĀ pages feed

Voila, there they are!

So there we go, all changes covered! Chances are another blog post will follow when FB changes AGAIN! But hey ho that’s the nature of the beast.

Until next time …

FitBiz PA


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