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Inbox Detox

As a health and fitness professional, you want your time to be focussed on your clients, don’t you? You want your attention to be on them so they get a tip top service.

But if you suffer from inbox overload, it can be hard to provide a timely service. Emails get lost in the crowd of unnecessary junk email you get (probably from signing up to get someone’s freebie).

Using these few tips and applications I manage to keep on top of my inbox and periodically have an inbox detox. Why not try it?



Once a month, usually the first of each month, I go to unroll.me and easily subscribe from all those newsletters that I rarely read. You know the ones; from the lists you subscribed to in order to get that freebie.

A simple click and they’re gone. Never to clutter up your fitness inbox again.


This great programme allows me to forward emails from my inbox to a central repository which will then send it back to me when I actually need to deal with it.

You can use it in two easy ways:

Use the Subject to define the time interval

  • Send any email to nudge@nudgemail.com
  • Create a new email (or forward an existing one)
  • Set the “to:” to nudge@nudgemail.com
  • Set the “subject:” to the day, date, or time when you want the NudgeMail to come back to you. For example, “Monday” or “Tomorrow” or “Oct 13″ or “2 hours” are all acceptable ways to send a NudgeMail
  • Enter anything you want in the body of the email, then hit Send!


Or use the email “to:” to control NudgeMail

  • Create a new email (or forward an existing one)
  • Set the “to:” to the day/date/time@nudgemail.com. For example, “monday@nudgemail.com” or “tomorrow@nudgemail.com” or “feb12@nudgemail.com” or “2hours@nudgemail.com” are all acceptable ways to send a NudgeMail
  • Enter anything you want in the subject and body of the email, then hit Send!

It’s so easy to sign up too, just pop the email address you’ll be using, into the box on their site.




Learn how IFTTT works

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. IFTTT lets you connect the apps and devices you use every day, such as Amazon Alexa, Facebook, Twitter, Fitbit, Slack, and more. Basically, you tell it what actions you would like it to take based on a previous action. They call these recipes.

This particular recipe has made my life so much easier.

I have set up a recipe whereby when I send an email to trigger@ifttt.com the subject of that email gets posted to Twitter as a tweet.

My inbox can easily get clutter by Twitter notifications, I know I can turn them off but I don’t like to miss anything so at least this recipe makes it worthwhile.

This is invaluable when replying to tweets or thanking followers. I can just forward the email from Twitter to ifttt.com, amending the subject and not even have to come out of my inbox. It’s great!

So other than regularly unsubscribing and the above tools how do you keep your inbox under control?

Until next time …

FitBiz PA

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