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About Nicola Burt-Skinner

I have been helping small businesses with their admin and online needs since 2010. So whether you need to know how to automate your business so it works when you don't; or need a website to showcase your skills and expertise, I can help.

All change at FitBizPA

We’ve undergone some changes at FitBizPA HQ. After a little bit of upheaval last year (and a lot of door slamming and tears), we have now re-branded to Blue Jeans Velvet Shoes, incorporating The Wellness Academy. You can visit our websites to keep up to date business-wise: Blue Jeans Velvet Shoes The Wellness Academy or visit my personal site to keep up to date with me: Nicola Burt-Skinner You can also follow me: on Instagram nbskinner Blue Jeans Velvet Shoes on Twitter nbskinner Blue Jeans Velvet Shoes and Facebook Blue Jeans Velvet Shoes The Wellness Academy Onwards and upwards Nicola

Great Articles from Facebook 2017

  As per usual, I’ve saved a TON of links on Facebook this month. So here are the ones I think you’ll find most useful. From looking after your health to looking after the SEO of your website, I think there’s quite a few topics covered here. Enjoy and all the best for 2018!

Improve SEO on Your Health & Fitness Website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t as hard as you think … To improve SEO on your health and fitness website (or any other website), just ask yourself, “What would my ideal client google?” Then explore how many times that phrase (or related phrases) appear on your website. These are your KEYWORDS! You know, WORDS that are KEY to your success ….

From PARQ to Payment: How to Automate your Sales Process

So, my life is ALL about making your life as a health and fitness professional, easier. And I love to use technology to do this. Simply put, you need to get people from PARQ to payment easily. That is, getting them to register their interest in your program, sending them the PARQ (Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire), giving them the all clear and then getting payment from them. The good news is, we can practically automate this!

What I’ve been Saving this Month

If you’re anything like me you’ll “save” huge amounts of links/videos etc on Facebook to watch or read at a later date. Sometimes I never get around to reading them. But now, I’m making an effort to use Wednesdays (my day off) to catch up. I’ll share the useful pieces with you.